Substitute for Lemongrass

You may have encountered lemongrass at some point in your life before. Lemongrass is one of the main ingredients used in Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian cuisines, but it’s also used in many different types of soups, as well. Unfortunately, unless you have access to an Asian market in your town or your grocery store is … Read more

5 Substitute for Potato Starch

One of the lesser known ingredients for many, many recipes is potato starch. This starch is used in the same way that other starches are used, but what makes potato starch different than other starches is that it can be used in other recipes as well. You may be thinking that potato starch should be … Read more

Orange Juice Substitute

Orange juice is one of the most healthful beverages anybody can consume, but it is far from perfect in terms of its beneficial properties. Some of the properties of orange juice either compromise its benefits or outright cancels them out.  This is especially true if it is pasteurized or made from concentrate. Orange juice that … Read more